Best Quotes From Catalyst/Atlanta

Our team had the opportunity to attend Catalyst 2013 in Atlanta this year.  We also experienced the pre-lab sessions on Tuesday prior to the main conference.  Here are the highlight quotes from my notes.  Feel free to share this post with others.996004_10201246840426563_298875600_n

Judah Smith

Talking about our identity in Jesus: “It’s not about worth, it’s about birth.”

“Come to Him in simplicity.”

“Being known by God means we need to dance right after we screw up.”

“Just dance, even when it doesn’t make sense.”

“Jesus doesn’t need what we have, but He wants it.”

Andy Stanley – (talking about being well-known and desiring to be known)

“There’s a little Lady GaGa in all of us.”

Laws of Applause:  1) What’s applauded the 1st time is expected the next time.  2) Applause is intoxicating & leads to entitelment.  3) Applause is addictive.

Jud Wilhite

“God didn’t call you to fruit, He called you to faithfulness.”

“Love the calling you have, not the one you wish you had.”

“Your calling lives through God.”

“If you dont’ love the Church, you forfeit the right to critique it.”

John Piper

“I’m designed by God to display the nature of God.”

Enjoy God above all things.”

“Did God create me to use me or to love me?”

“God is most glorified when I’m most delighted in Him.”

Dr. Henry Cloud

“The worst thing we can die with is potential.”

“If everything is important, nothing is important.”

“Belief that I can is more important than my passion.”

“Leadership in community leads to identitiy.”

Priscilla Shirer

“If you think it’s a miracle that you were born, think about the miracle it is that you were born again.”

Jen Hatmaker

“Discipleship is not all about raising up our own micro-kingdoms.”

“The Church needs to be a launch pad, not a landing zone.”

“Disciples make disciples, and they go where ther’re sent.”

Mark Batterson

“God asks us to take the first step trusting Him to reveal the second step.”

“Sometimes God shows up, and sometimes God shows off.”

“We want God to go first because then it doesn’t require any faith.”

“When God gives vision, He gives provision.”

1 God idea vs. 1000 good ideas.”

“It’s God’s job to do amazing things.  Our job is to consecrate ourselves.”

“Jesus is either Lord of all, or He’s not Lord at all.”

“Stay humble and stay hungry.”

Reggie Joiner

“There’s a spiritual issue with churches that do not laugh or have fun.”

“Spend more time with a few.”

“When we put love over time it’s believable.”

“The Bible doesn’t say ‘Change your neighbor as yourself.'”

“100 years from now you will only be remembered by the people you know now.”

“Inheritance is leaving something for someone.  Legacy is leaving something in them.”

What is your favorite quote?  Did you find any of them challenging?  Leave a comment below.


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