3 keys from parting the Red Sea

Photo by Rusty Russell

3 key truths from the parting of the Red Sea:    (Exodus 14:21-27)              

– When the enemy seems to be right on our heels, God always has a plan!

– He wants his miracles and providence to be seen.  (v.27 …as the sun began to rise…)
– God can and will move through the simplest steps of obedience.  Moses simply raised his hands in the air.  

Question for today:

Do you have a ministry that is currently in one of these 3 stages?

1)  Standing still, awaiting the unknown.  (before the Red Sea parted)
2)  In the middle of a elevated situation, facing adversaries.  
3)  Coming out of a miracle and realizing God’s hand in it all.
Sometimes the Enemy can use the ministry (tasks, details, planning leadership growth) to distract us from God’s involvement in it all.  
Where have you been distracted recently, and what’s your plan to get back on track?
Leave me a comment and join the discussion below.

One thought on “3 keys from parting the Red Sea

  1. So thankful that you captured this in a blog post! (I was thinking that you definitely should do so as you were sharing in staff meeting this morning.) This spoke to my heart, Brent… Thank you!

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