Where’s Your But?

Recently, I was attending the FAMconference at Azusa Pacific University in CA. ¬†Leading worship was Tim Timmons, and he opened one session with this question…”What identity did you come here with tonight?” ¬†He clarified by asking what about the many different titles/labels we take on or allow to define us. ¬†This question really got me thinking during worship. ¬†So, here it is….this is who I am.

I am a son & child of divorce. ¬†I am an older brother to two siblings.¬†¬†I am¬†a former Jehovah’s Witness (until age 10). ¬†I am¬†someone who endured years of bullying as a teen. ¬†I am¬†the son of a former alcoholic. ¬†I am¬†a grown adult…who found legal trouble as a teen in High School. ¬†I am¬†deeply flawed example of a father and husband. ¬†I am¬†often prideful and selfish in my motives. ¬†I am¬†a minister who often struggles with feeling insignificant and under-qualified. ¬†Comparison is my Kryptonite.


I am a Child of God! ¬†I am chosen by God on purpose to do what I am doing…despite the fact that I am not what most would consider the ‘type’ He calls to ministry. ¬†I am able to put a smile on the face of my creator simply by saying ‘yes’ when He calls on me. ¬†I am loved deeply by the great I AM!

Who are you? ¬†What identity do you take on? ¬†And after pondering all of that, where’s your BUT?

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