Celebrating 8 Years on this Blog!

This week I’m celebrating 8 years blogging at LeadRight.me!
198 Posts
122 WordPress Followers
35 Email Subscribers
To commemorate this personal accomplishment, I’m sharing 8 of my most popular posts below! Let me know which ones are YOUR favorites. (simply ‘click’ on each picture title)
Keeping the faith in the country music industryMary Sarah
The incredible legacy one person can leave behind when they leave us early
Suggestions for those dark seasons of life
God is active even if you don’t feel Him

How to keep circumstances from taking our joy awayjoy

Putting healthier focus on all that you are balancing pause


A simple approach to personal Soul Care practice

How to genuinely express gratitude to your teamsappreciation

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Top 5 Recent Leadership Posts

feedbackBelow are my most popular posts on leadership.  I’m sharing these with you for one key reason.  I am looking to making a few small adjustments with my approach to my blog and I really need your input.  Take a look.

1) Manage your life, or your life will manage you

2) Your worship style is not working

3) We’re going to skin our knee on ministry work

4) 5 tips to having a good day of rest

5) Taking the Church’s Biblical pulse

Now tell me…which of these post did you like the most and why?

What aspects of the content did you find most helpful, and what material do I need to change or completely get rid of?  Are there leadership topics/issues that I am missing?

I’d love your input.  Either comment below or email me at brent@ccclive.org

(photo credit: www.jeffbullas.com)

Best Posts of 2013!

photo by: www.housebandwines.com
photo by: http://www.housebandwines.com

Thanks so much to all my readers & subscribers.  I hope for 2014 to be even better, so comment even more and give me feedback.  I would greatly appreciate it.

In order starting with the most popular, here you go.  Which ones are your favorite?

Where’s Waldo…I Mean Jesus?

8 Favorite Leadership Blogs

22 Reasons I Love My Wife

Team Appreciation is Important

Don’t Stop Moving

5 Tips to Having a Good Day of Rest 

Humanity in Unity…While Very Separate

Leadership Lesson from ‘Gangnam Style’

Lady, You’re Holding Up the Line!

Stay True to Your Call 

The Church is NOT a Bully

Where are the Miracles Today?

We’re Going to Skin Our Knee on Ministry Work 

Don’t Be Vain in Your Work

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