5 Steps to Going Multisite

photo by: iStock
photo by: iStock

What are the most effective trends or models of Multisite Church you’re seeing today?

Well, I’ve been doing some of my own research on the topic because I’ll be leading our church’s first Satellite campus in Sept of 2014. ¬†While I’m excited and often like to figure out things on my own, there are unlimited resources today for multisite church leaders.

Here are 5 things you can do in planning to transition to a multisite church.

1.  Read books

These authors represent leaders who have been doing multisite for quite a while and have a lot to offer those of us just starting out.

The Multisite Church Revolution, A Multisite Church Roadtrip, Church Locality, ¬†and 125 Tips For Multisite Churches….just to start.

2. Read blogs

Use a good RSS feed or subscribe to blogs about multisite church. ¬†New material, methods, statistics are being posted almost daily. ¬†It’s important to stay up on all that is being experienced and discovered. Here are a few quality sites I follow: Multisite Solutions, Tony Morgan Live, Leadership Network, unSeminary, Inner Revolution, and Leading Multisite. ¬†

3. Create a Twitter list

One of the first things I did….create a Twitter list by searching ‘campus pastor.’ ¬†My list currently has about 55 campus pastors on it. ¬†This allows me to follow what these pastors are posting about what’s going on with their campuses.

4. Ask those in the trenches 

Going off of #3, make the big ask. ¬†Just reach out to those who seem to be doing multisite well and ask for a few minutes of their time. ¬†Now, not everyone will reply to you. ¬†But, I’m learning that those who do will be of tremendous assistance. ¬†What they offer you is worth a few non-responses. ¬†Trust me, I’ve done it.

5. Visit other churches  

This is self explanatory. ¬†Find multisites within driving distance of where you live, call them, and make arrangements to visit on a weekend. ¬†Attend their service and hopefully take a tour of their facility. ¬†If you’re lucky, the campus pastor will walk you through how they launched.

Are you doing multisite or transitioning toward one of many multisite models soon?

What are you learning?  Who are you learning from?

Join the conversation and leave a comment below.




Take the Lid Off Your Church

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Recently, I had the opportunity to be part of the preview team for the launch of Tony Morgan’s new eBook on leadership. ¬†I highly suggest you become familiar with Tony’s ministry and resources…if you haven’t already.

In ‘Take the Lid Off Your Church,’ Tony Morgan does an unbelievable job of packing 32 ounces of leadership caffeine into a 4 ounce gulp of practical ‘how-to’ insights for leading today’s Church. ¬†Have you ever wondered if it was possible to turn negative conflict into health? ¬†Have you ever prayed for “unwavering unity” in your staff? ¬†Tony encourages us that these, and many other positive attributes, are both possible and achievable. ¬†He addressed how to be strategic in finding and hiring church staff….as well as how/when to let them go. ¬†
Of all the different leadership resources being published every year, this is hands-down one of the top must-read eBooks of the decade!  
One quote that really stood out to me is, “Without trust, there is no hope for a church to move forward.” ¬†This is a ¬†bold claim. ¬†Read this eBook today, then see if you agree with him. ¬†As a pastor who has experienced much negativity and unhealth in the Church, I challenge you to really implement the leadership practices and models in this eBook. ¬†If you do, I promise your ministry will not be the same.
Question:  If your church leadership is in need of a change somewhere (and we all usually do), do you know what it is and what to do about it?