5 Steps to Going Multisite

photo by: iStock
photo by: iStock

What are the most effective trends or models of Multisite Church you’re seeing today?

Well, I’ve been doing some of my own research on the topic because I’ll be leading our church’s first Satellite campus in Sept of 2014.  While I’m excited and often like to figure out things on my own, there are unlimited resources today for multisite church leaders.

Here are 5 things you can do in planning to transition to a multisite church.

1.  Read books

These authors represent leaders who have been doing multisite for quite a while and have a lot to offer those of us just starting out.

The Multisite Church Revolution, A Multisite Church Roadtrip, Church Locality,  and 125 Tips For Multisite Churches….just to start.

2. Read blogs

Use a good RSS feed or subscribe to blogs about multisite church.  New material, methods, statistics are being posted almost daily.  It’s important to stay up on all that is being experienced and discovered. Here are a few quality sites I follow: Multisite Solutions, Tony Morgan Live, Leadership Network, unSeminary, Inner Revolution, and Leading Multisite.  

3. Create a Twitter list

One of the first things I did….create a Twitter list by searching ‘campus pastor.’  My list currently has about 55 campus pastors on it.  This allows me to follow what these pastors are posting about what’s going on with their campuses.

4. Ask those in the trenches 

Going off of #3, make the big ask.  Just reach out to those who seem to be doing multisite well and ask for a few minutes of their time.  Now, not everyone will reply to you.  But, I’m learning that those who do will be of tremendous assistance.  What they offer you is worth a few non-responses.  Trust me, I’ve done it.

5. Visit other churches  

This is self explanatory.  Find multisites within driving distance of where you live, call them, and make arrangements to visit on a weekend.  Attend their service and hopefully take a tour of their facility.  If you’re lucky, the campus pastor will walk you through how they launched.

Are you doing multisite or transitioning toward one of many multisite models soon?

What are you learning?  Who are you learning from?

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A Current Glance at the Multisite Movement

I borrowed this infographic from UNSEMINARY.  It points out many interesting stats on the exploding multisite church movement.  As a staff pastor who recently transitioned into a campus pastor role with a new satellite launch, I can personally attest to most of these numbers.


Source: Leadership Network/Generis Multisite Church Scorecard

Are you a multisite pastor?

Where do you see your campus situation in the above stats?  Comment below.

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Launching a Satellite Campus

Just after Labor Day of 2014, our church will be going multi-site.  My wife and I will be heading up this work with a volunteer staff team, which has led me down a path of discovery.  A path I never saw myself traveling before.

photo by: www.wallpapersas.com
photo by: http://www.wallpapersas.com

The more I dig, the more I learn.  Here’s what I’m talking about.

1.  There’s not just one model that works for everyone.  Every multi-site church I talk to does it differently.  Some differences are subtle, and others are quite noticeable.

2.  There’s no such thing as doing enough research.  I learn something new the more I look.  I’m discovering aspects of doing  satellite church that I love….and some that absolutely will not work for our community and church culture.  This is so valuable.

3.  A gradual transition from staff pastor to campus pastor is easier said than done.  There are days when I find myself multitasking between my current responsibilities and the essential planning components of launching a satellite campus.  It’s in these moments that I am so thankful for the staff and leadership I work with.  I am not doing this alone and others are coming around me to help.

4.  Other campus pastors are very passionate about what they do and are very open to sharing what they know.  As soon as our Lead Pastor asked us to give leadership to this new campus, I was all over Twitter.  I created a list of Campus Pastors to follow.  That list consists of about 47 currently, and I’ve connected with a significant number of them already.  The encouragement I’ve gained from some of these guys has been priceless.

5.  An implementation plan is a must-have.  We are leaning heavily on the expertise of those who have done this…and done it well.  Seacoast has some great resources, as well as books on multi-site by Geoff Surratt.

I’m quite confident that after we officially launch in September this list will continue to expand.  I am so very excited and honored to be a part of growing the kingdom work through Christ Community Church.

If you’re a Campus Pastor, what would you add to this list?

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