How Proximity Can Affect Your Perspective

“I can see it’s not level from here!”

I didn’t actually say that out loud. ¬†But it’s what came to mind as I was watching a a hired worker on a scissor lift hang crosses from our Sanctuary ceiling in preparation for our Easter services.

He was roughly 25 feet off the ground as I witnessed him pull out a leveling tool to see if the cross was level.


I almost laughed.  It was so obvious from where I was positioned on the ground and about 30 feet from him.  The cross was very crooked.  But his proximity to the work being done was so close that the degree of inaccuracy was not clear to him.  He needed a resource, a level, to bring it into perspective.

This is often the case with leaders when they find themselves in particular seasons in their company or church. ¬†Sometimes we end up so close and focused on a problem or need for change that we simply cannot see the obvious. ¬†In these times it’s often a good idea to consider involving the perspective of someone not as close to the situation as we are. ¬†Someone whose proximity is more distant. ¬†This ‘level’ can either be someone on another team within your organization or a hired consultant.

So many times, these people will step into our situation and almost immediately take notice of something that was staring you and I right in the face the entire time.

Where are you looking for that ‘A-Ha’ moment? ¬†Do you have others helping you who don’t have a direct connection to your present situation?

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