Solo Leadership = Short Leadership

Those who insist on leading on their own don’t last long. ¬†They get burned out sooner than others. ¬†They also tend to become frustrated and confused quickly when a situation does not seem to go the way they expect.


We’ve all been there at least once or twice. ¬†I know I have. ¬†Still today, I have a tendency to ‘own’ my work load and just want to get things done. ¬† But when things become heavier than usual, that’s when we need to lean on the support of others the most. ¬† Take a look at this prime example with Moses.

But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and¬†Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side. ¬†So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.¬† ¬†Exodus 17:12

What if Moses had said to Aaron and Hur, “Hey, back off. ¬†I’ve got this. ¬†I’m Moses. ¬†God has called me to this task.” ¬†Joshua and the Israelites would have surely lost that battle. ¬† Now, when God calls us to accomplish something for Him, yes….we are responsible for ensuring that it gets done. ¬†But unless the Lord specifically instructs us to ‘go it alone,’ what could be better than sharing that charge and victory with others?

Please don’t get me wrong. ¬†Yes, God does call some believers to larger tasks than others. ¬†That does not mean that we shouldn’t allow other gifted, willing, and faithful believers to come along side us and help. ¬† Personally, I am in one of those seasons where I am constantly relying on the support of my staff team and volunteers.

What about you? ¬†Do you struggle with accepting help with what God has put you in charge of? ¬†If so, just recognize it. ¬†Try making a list of all the tasks you have before you that are weighing you down. ¬†Then pray over them and ask the Lord which tasks you could empower others to do. ¬†Then consider who you could ask. ¬†This was a huge step for me over 10 years ago, so I know it isn’t easy at first. ¬†But trust me. ¬†It gets easier the more you do it and it will make you a better leader.

What are you waiting for? ¬†List…Pray…Empower.

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3 Keys to Staying ‘On Track’ During the Holidays

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If you are reading this post right now you are probably feeling very similar to how I’ve been feeling over the past three weeks.

‘Off Track’

Maybe you know someone who is inundated with life stressors. ¬†Pass this post on to them. ¬†Here are 3 keys to staying ‘on track’ during the holidays.

1) ¬†Stop – When I am feeling like everything is in disarray, the absolute worst thing I can do is accelerate forward with the hope of hitting a few big ‘to-dos’ on my way. ¬†When you recognize that life and/or work are getting cluttered, slam on the brakes! ¬†Trust me, stopping everything for a few hours (or even a whole day) will not cause a calamitous event in the universe. ¬†Zebras will not lose their stripes. ¬†The IRS will not deposit $1,000,000 to your bank account. And yes, you will still be willing to pay $5 for a cup of coffee. ¬†Take time to pray, go for a walk, get a needed nap,

2) ¬†Focus – Use Evernote (or an actual note pad) to jot down everything you feel has been dropped. ¬†Those work tasks you haven’t touched in about a month. ¬†The family dinner you still need to make happen. ¬†The reading you need/want to do because……dang it, that material simply doesn’t pop into your head when you wake up in the morning. ¬†Next, prioritize this list and put it in your calendar (I learned this from Jim Wideman). ¬†This is the planning phase. ¬†Don’t….I repeat…..don’t make this too difficult! ¬†Keep it small and clear.

3) ¬†Restart – Now, take a big breath and let it out s l o w l y. ¬†Set yourself DOABLE goals each day and pace yourself. ¬†Celebrate the little victories, and give yourself some grace when you drop the ball… happens!

Now, when things begin to get ‘off track’ again…..revisit #1 above.