What Makes Today Any Different From Yesterday?

“Routines can cultivate monotony….if we allow them to.”

And when our days become monotonous we can begin to perceive each day as incapable of anything worth while.


Webster’s dictionary defines ‘Monotony’ as a lack of change that makes something boring; tedious sameness.

Do you long for your days to have tedious sameness?  I don’t.

Here are some ways to counter monotony:

  • Alter your daily morning routine – Have something new for breakfast.  Do your quiet/devotional time in a different area of the house.  Change the alarm tone on your smart phone.  Leave 10 minutes earlier.  Listen to a different radio station or genre on your way to work.
  • Challenge your daily expectations – This is key.  When we ‘expect’ something new, something unusual from the day ahead of us we virtually turn the autopilot switch off.  Pray for interactions with different people than normal.  Choose a different Bible passage to meditate on each day and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal new insights to you.

This take a little intentionality and focus.  Pick one thing and start there.

So what do YOU do to counter monotony?

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Photo credit: www.london.anglican.org