3 Things To Do While Sitting In Darkness

We’ve all been there before. ¬†Those events or periods of life that feel like you’re sitting all alone in a pitch dark room.

Maybe you’re there today. ¬†Personally, I’ve been in and out of that room for the past 5 months.

So what do we do when we’re in that place?

Here are some words from the prophet, Micah…

When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me.  |  Micah 7:8b


When you’ve been in a dark place, a light can be very welcoming. ¬†It can also expose things around us for what they are, changing our perception of what we assumed they were in the dark.

3¬†suggestions on what we can do when we’re in those dark places.

Look | Expect it to arrive. ¬†Constantly be on the lookout for that LIGHT. ¬†Because if we’re not watching for it, we are likely to miss it initially because we have our face in out hands stuck in our misery. ¬†We can enjoy the relief that come with the light sooner if we are searching and expecting it.

Hope | Can you get a sense for the hope Micah has in his words? ¬†“The Lord will be a light to me.” ¬†He does not say, ‘is.’ ¬†He’s fully expecting something that is not yet the case. ¬†Likewise, you and I need to have something to look foreword to while we sit in that cold, dark place.

Know | This is where faith and a good portion of spiritual maturity come in. ¬†Micah KNEW the Lord was eventually going to shine light on his situation. ¬†He also knew that he had to work on his own STUFF in the meantime. ¬†Sometimes we find ourselves in this dark room because of actions or choices WE have made. ¬†But…sometimes we’re there because of things OTHERS¬†have done.

Today, I’m in that dark place. ¬†God, however, is shining a flood light around me. ¬†Even though there is darkness right now, his light is allowing me to stay active, see Him, and remain focused on finding the EXIT DOOR.

How about you? ¬†Where are you today? ¬†I’d love to journey with you. ¬†Leave a comment below.

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