2019 Faith and Entertainment Blog Series

Welcome to the ‘Faith and Entertainment’ series, where I interview followers of Jesus who work in the entertainment industry, i.e., musicians, athletes, actors, etc.

WHY did I start doing these interviews? Two reasons. 1. I have a deep appreciation of  music and acting.  2. I am very passionate about personal soul care and authentic discussions about living out our daily faith. So, I figured…why not blend the two?

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Let me know who YOU would like me to interview next for this series! Drop a comment below. I am an ordained pastor in the Church of God. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and have been working in faith-based counseling for over 20 years. Each of these discussions have greatly encouraged me, and I pray they encourage you too.

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Interview with Lucas Hoge

Well guys, I’m excited to introduce the third country music artist in my Faith and View More: http://jenwoodphotography.pass.us/lucashoge6Entertainment series, Lucas Hoge!

This guy’s the real deal. After spending roughly 40 minutes with him on the phone I can tell you that there probably isn’t anybody who can get more done in a day and still enjoy some fishing and hunting. He’s highly driven, tightly scheduled, and works hard. But somehow he is also able to recognize his need for breaks in the form of rest and fun.

Enjoy the interview. I sure did.

[Brent] What would you say is the single most challenging part for country music artists to stay strong in their faith?

[Lucas] Well, the business side of things can really screw with your head. Lots of compromise comes at you. So it’s easy to slip into compromising your own goals and boundaries.

Lucas Hoge 4

[Brent] When did you first start the Sunday Sessions, and how did that idea develop?

[Lucas] I started recording them for myself at first about two years ago. I grew up singing all these old hymns in church, so I gave them a new twist. God really laid it on my heart to do these and they’ve been receiving a ton of hits online.

[Brent] What would you say is God’s calling on your life?

[Lucas] To somehow use my music for what the Sunday Sessions have become. Something in addition to my current country music platform, to really connect with people on a deep level of faith. And I’m still trying to discover what that actually looks like.

[Brent] What is one of the most helpful pieces of life advice (outside of family) anyone has ever offered to you?

[Lucas] Great question. I mean, a solid one in marriage is to never go to bed angry. You know, resolve your differences before the sun goes down. But also, close friends are always encouraging me to stay authentic, “Be you. Stay grounded and humble.”

Lucas Hoge 3

[Brent] What does Lucas Hoge’s personal quiet time look like? How do you best connect with Jesus?

[Lucas] Well, I sure don’t get enough of it. I think that’s probably true for most of us. But for me right before bed works best. It seems like that is the only time where I have total peace and quiet. Other than that, being outdoors in nature centers me. Just being around creation makes it easier for me to pray and hear from God.

[Brent] What advice would you offer to 17 year-old Lucas Hoge?

[Lucas] Easy! Stay focused. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s easy to chase the popular thing. That voice needs to stay true. Stay the path, people will listen to the message you have regardless.

[Brent] Do you have any personal boundaries for accountability with so much available to you?

[Lucas] I’ll do meet and greets before and after shows. One thing I never do is invite fans to our tour bus. You simply never know what might happen, or what they might bring with them. I Like to keep it all very public. It’s just a good practice.

Watch for his newest music video in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, be sure to check out two of my personal favorite Lucas Hoge songs.


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