Leadership lesson from ‘Gangnam Style’

photo by: kpopstarz.com
photo by: kpopstarz.com

Ok, I’m just gonna be really honest with you. ¬†My wife and I have recently begun quite a persistent workout routine at a local gym. ¬†And when I say ‘persistent,’ I mean we are really driven. ¬†It’s an adrenaline rush for both of us. ¬†Each day we can’t wait to get to our ‘workout’ date. ¬†It’s great!

Well, the other day I ¬†was moments from completing my workout when ‘Gangnam Style’ came on my Pandora channel. I was working on the leg-press at the time and my thighs were really burning when this very familiar intro began dancing through my earbuds. ¬†You know what I’m talking about. ¬†The song starts, your head starts bobbing and foot is now tapping….right? ¬†And regardless of how bad my legs were aching at that moment, from nowhere came a burst of strength that enabled me to get two more sets of 15 in! ¬†(I knew I’d have to blog about this.)

This event made me realize something, though. ¬†I tend to be inspired by certain things more than others. ¬†And I would argue you are the same. ¬†This is mainly the reason my wife and I decided to join a gym to get healthy. ¬†Neither of us has the natural discipline to get that level of exercise at home on a daily schedule. ¬†We just don’t. ¬†But…put us in a large building filled with people who are working and sweating for the same goals and we are ALL IN!

So here’s the leadership piece. ¬†Well, actually more specifically ‘self-leadership.’ ¬†1 Corinthians 15:33 tells us that¬†‚Äúbad company corrupts good character.‚ÄĚ ¬†I also believe the converse is true. ¬†Good company promotes positive character. ¬†It really is true. ¬†To become a better leader, one of the most effective things we can do is to simply place ourselves in environments around other leaders who are further along than we are. ¬†When we observe another leader handle a difficult situation beautifully or hear them quote mind-blowing words of wisdom, we will grow by exposure. ¬†This is what the disciples had with Jesus. ¬†It’s what I have in my current position and the staff I get to work with. ¬†And it’s why many invest time and money into attending seminars and conferences like Catalyst. ¬†This is also why I chose to participate in a mentoring program called ¬†infuse.

For most of us, however, this doesn’t happen naturally. ¬†We have to be intensional about placing ourselves in and around these people.

So, who are you learning from right now?  Leave a comment and share how you are inspired by others.