Sabbatical | Day 3

This is technically Day 4, but I still want to share from yesterday.

(Be sure to check out my Day 1 and Day 2 posts)

The key moments for me were continuing my reading in ‘No Other Gods’ and having some sweet time of personal worship. ¬†I find it cool how the Lord can enter into fellowship with me while simply lying on my back in my hotel room with my earbuds in.

When we take the time for Him, He takes the time for us.

And as it is with most of my Sabbaticals, I have not done all that I originally intended to at the beginning of the week.  And today reminded me that this is not necessarily a bad thing.

You see, I came upon a Tweet today asking for church leaders to share their story…particularly about their current ‘Phase’ of life and ministry. ¬†I could not resist. I love sharing my story, both the good and the less pleasant sides. ¬†If it hadn’t been for others telling their personal stories I may not be where I am today. ¬†So I share to encourage others.


Anyway, in doing this I want to share with you a personal quote I included when I emailed them.  Here you go.

“Our partnership with God in His Kingdom work is never contingent upon¬†our comfort, happiness, or confidence.”


While I was thinking¬†back over the past 6 months it dawned on me. ¬†God doesn’t wait until we are living on the mountaintop, free of pain and 100% sure of Him being right there with us, to ask us to do something HUGE for Him. ¬†Nothing happens to us that does not pass through His hands. ¬†This doesn’t mean that God necessarily ¬†’causes’ all things to happen to us. ¬†It does mean, however, that when we’ve given God a definitive ‘yes’ He will be active, aware, and verbal in our relationship with Him regardless of what is going on around us. ¬†The critical thing here is to maintain healthy personal soul care. ¬†If we aren’t doing this it can become nearly impossible to hear His guiding voice or feel His involvement in our daily lives.

What about you?  How have you been hearing from God recently?  Leave a comment below.

Sabbatical | Day 2


I just love it when The Lord speaks to us outside of the ordinary. ¬†Don’t you? ¬†In the first day of my Sabbatical it took basically the entire day to simply unplug and transition. ¬†I began reading a book titled ‘No Other Gods’ which paved the way for me to really begin hearing His voice a lot today.

So here’s the gist of what I’ve been hearing Him speak into my life so far.

I am the Lord your God…¬† (Exodus 20:2)

It’s personal… incredibly direct. ¬†He’s lovingly reminding me of who He is. ¬†He is MY GOD! ¬†Mine. ¬†His ear is all mine day or night. ¬†BUT He’s also reminding me that this is a two-way relationship. ¬†He needs access to my ear day and night as well.

“Brent, I want you to be available to hear me when I need to share the¬†deepest things in my heart with you. ¬†I need to know that you care as much about yourself and my Church as I do.” – God

MY GOD is so full of grace and patience.  Can you relate?
I’m loving this sweet time with Him. ¬†My wife has many friends and church family praying for me this week. ¬†It’s working! ¬†Thank you, I can feel the effects of your prayers.
What has The Lord been speaking to you ABOUT YOU recently?  Leave a comment below.