Top 5 Recent Leadership Posts

feedbackBelow are my¬†most popular posts on leadership. ¬†I’m sharing these with you for one key reason. ¬†I am looking to making a few¬†small adjustments with¬†my approach to my blog and I really need your input. ¬†Take a look.

1) Manage your life, or your life will manage you

2) Your worship style is not working

3) We’re going to skin our knee on ministry work

4) 5 tips to having a good day of rest

5) Taking the Church’s Biblical pulse

Now tell me…which of these post did you like the most and why?

What aspects of the content did you find most helpful, and what material do I need to change or completely get rid of?  Are there leadership topics/issues that I am missing?

I’d love your input. ¬†Either comment below or email me at

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God of ‘WOW’

God of ‘WOW’

When was the last time God ‘Wowed’ you?

I don’t know about you, but when God amazes me in larger than normal ways it usually includes a bit of humility. ¬†Recently, I had one of those moments. ¬†God stepped in and reminded me that He was still in charge of the situation….NOT me!¬†

This was a healthy piece of humble pie. ¬†You see, the week leading up to our first ‘soft’ launch of our new Satellite church campus was packed full of endless task lists, technical disappointments, exhausting work days, and personal family struggles. ¬†

The problem:

   РThere was too much left to do before Sunday.

   РContractors informed me we would not have internet, video teaching or projection capabilities. 

   РI was struggling emotionally to maneuver through and balance leading a new church launch and a family crisis at the same time.  And my college studies had come to a screeching halt.   

The result:

   РOur core church family showed up, cleaned up, donated and constructed in a HUGE way.  God deployed His Church body and the work got done.  

¬† ¬†– Video streaming capabilities, projection, and high-speed internet…..were ALL in place by Friday evening. ¬†¬†

¬† ¬†– We had an unexpected breakthrough in our family situation which gave my wife and I hope that we didn’t have before.

God showed up in a big way. ¬†He blessed me with peace of mind and comfort that He was definitely in control. ¬†Then, I was reminded of God’s reply to Job in chapter 38.

“Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?
 Dress for action like a man;
I will question you, and you make it known to me.

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?

¬†¬†¬†¬†Tell me, if you have understanding.” ¬†v.2-4

More humble pie.

I was relying on my own knowledge and control of these details. ¬†I was allowing myself to become anxious about things that God was already at work in. ¬†And the purpose in all of this became crystal clear. ¬†God gets the credit for all of it….NOT ME.

As for our first worship service together, everything was perfect. ¬†God’s Spirit was there. ¬†We worshipped, learned, and fellowshipped together. ¬†There was a shared energy and hope for families and individuals in our new community. ¬†

How about you? ¬†Has God ‘Wowed’ you recently….and what did you learn from it? ¬†Please comment below and share this post with others who might need it. ¬†

Yesterday’s tools: Ineffective!

Wow…1891 to 2007 ¬†is represented in this picture. ¬†Roughly 116 years between these two phones and the primary function remains the same…..communication. ¬†The rotary phone could make single phone calls. ¬†That’s it! ¬†It couldn’t take messages, offer call-waiting or conference calls, or utilize a contacts list for speed-dialing. ¬†The iPhone, however, can do all these…plus countless additional methods to send and receive information. ¬†Here’s the problem with the rotary phone today. ¬†It can’t be used with today’s technology! ¬†It has become obsolete. ¬† The need for making phone calls, however, still remains a need today.


How would you personally react to a friend of yours if they were insistent on keeping their rotary phone and refusing to move forward with technology? ¬†One might think they are ignorant, irrelevant, and/or disconnected from society. ¬†Ironically, many of our churches are like this person. ¬†Figuratively speaking, they are attempting to Tweet, Blog, and Facebook the vision of their church and the love of Jesus…using a rotary phone! ¬†These churches are becoming ‘ignorant, irrelevant, and/or disconnected from society.’ ¬†Now, can they still ‘DO‘ good works for the Kingdom? ¬†Absolutely! ¬†Many times, however, the topic turns to audience. ¬†Who and how many do you want to reach with the Gospel message?

I don’t recall who actually coined this statement, but I remember it from a conference a few years ago. ¬†Referring to the Gospel they said, “Its necessary to constantly change HOW we spread God’s Word, so long as the Word itself doesn’t change.” ¬†Jesus modeled this for us. ¬†He taught outside in public gatherings. ¬†He also used parables. ¬†He realized that if He only taught in the synagogues His audience would be limited.

In what ways is your church using Social Media to advance the Kingdom? ¬†Or…if you have been resistant to, what have been your reasons?