Best Posts of 2013!

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Thanks so much to all my readers & subscribers.  I hope for 2014 to be even better, so comment even more and give me feedback.  I would greatly appreciate it.

In order starting with the most popular, here you go.  Which ones are your favorite?

Where’s Waldo…I Mean Jesus?

8 Favorite Leadership Blogs

22 Reasons I Love My Wife

Team Appreciation is Important

Don’t Stop Moving

5 Tips to Having a Good Day of Rest 

Humanity in Unity…While Very Separate

Leadership Lesson from ‘Gangnam Style’

Lady, You’re Holding Up the Line!

Stay True to Your Call 

The Church is NOT a Bully

Where are the Miracles Today?

We’re Going to Skin Our Knee on Ministry Work 

Don’t Be Vain in Your Work

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