Success is a Journey…NOT a Destination

You know why this title is true? ¬†Because if success was a destination, success (or progress) would cease once we hit our target. ¬†And we don’t want that.


I wrote a blog post 4 weeks ago on the beginning of a new approach to my eating habits.

At 6′ 4″ tall and 44 years old, I had hit the most I had ever weighed that morning. ¬†260!

Now, it’s pretty easy to disguise 260 when you are 6′ 4″…BUT I knew something had to change.

Something ‘SNAPPED’ in me that morning. ¬†I believe it was Jesus kicking me in the rear. ¬†I’ll admit, I haven’t kept to my goals perfectly through those 4 weeks, but I have made great progress.

I weighed myself this morning after 4 weeks, and I’m at 251. ¬†I dropped 9 lbs! ¬†My long-term goal is about 200 lbs, but I’m focusing all my energy on daily goals rather than looking too far ahead. ¬†This allows me to measure results and bounce back from slip-ups quicker.

So why am I putting myself out there like this?  Just two reasons.

1. Accountability | By putting this in a public blog and on various social media platforms, I’m really making myself vulnerable. ¬†I want this to be a permanent change. ¬†So, this has resulted in a number of people asking me how I’m doing. ¬†Am I meeting my goals? ¬†Where am I slipping up? ¬†Others have also been very encouraging as well.

2. Processing | Some people journal. ¬†I write. ¬†And my preferred medium is blogging. ¬†It helps me mentally process things I’m growing through in my own life. ¬†And if it happens to help or encourage someone else along the way…..awesome!

I’m thankful to God for giving me the strength to succeed each day. ¬†And I’m thankful to my amazing wife. ¬†It’s not easy feeding a family of 5 on a tight budget when one of them is limited to a lot of specialty foods. ¬†She has been so understanding and gracious with me.

How about you? ¬†What are you working on, or what are you grateful for? ¬†I’d love for you to leave a comment below.

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3 Things I Did To Get Back To My Goals

So, three weeks ago I began a serious refocus on my personal health. ¬†Specifically, regarding my obsession with food. ¬†Then, I spent a week in Nashville for my son’s graduation followed by 4 additional days serving at a Summer Camp for elementary kids. ¬†Let’s just say that those two environments don’t make it super easy to eat healthy and plan your meals ahead of time.

I ate the best I could for the most part.  I also indulged a little, but feel like I did pretty good.  I was able to refrain from most carbs and sugar, and DID honor my rule of not eating after 7pm.

During those 2 weeks, however, I completely stopped my daily push-up challenge.

In the past, I would have felt like I have failed for two solid weeks and thought, “What’s the sense in picking this back up? Why even try?” ¬†And I would have returned to the former eating habits immediately.

Not this time!


Here’s what I did when I returned home….

Forgave myself | This is a huge first step. ¬†I need to be able to give myself grace in the low moments in order to excel into new higher moments. ¬†Otherwise, I’ll continue beating myself up over the past failures and crippling future potential successes.

Reviewed my original plan | I looked back to 3 weeks ago. ¬†I looked at how I was able to lose 7.5 lbs in my first week. ¬†That motivation gave me the ‘can do’ attitude to pick up right where I left off. ¬†No worries…no regrets…and only looking forward.

Determined to start again | Like Nike says, ‘Just Do It.’ ¬†Start somewhere, ANYWHERE. ¬†And I did. ¬†I began today with a goal of getting 30 push-ups done. ¬†You know what? ¬†I did 60! ¬†I was also public (once again) online and with my family about my goals. ¬†Putting my goals out there creates powerful accountability for me.

Now, I’m writing this just two days after restarting. ¬†I’m hoping and praying that a week from now I’ll be able to tell you I’ve been able to #WinToday successfully each day with my goals. ¬†And honestly, I’d invite you to ask me exactly that.

How do you bounce back from a day or more of slipping away from your goals?  Or maybe a better question is what do you need to do that you are not doing to get back on course?

Join the discussion.  Leave a comment below.

Health & Fitness on THIS Blog?

For years I’ve joked that being 6′ 4″ makes it pretty easy to disguise being overweight.


While this is true, the truth still remains. ¬†It’s impossible to hide it from YOURSELF. ¬†So I got out of bed a week ago determined to make a permanent life change. ¬†Mainly, this had to do with food. ¬†Food has been my idol, my drug of choice, my depression medicine for far too long.

The problem, however, was that I needed some regular inspiration to keep me focused on my daily goals. ¬†So I did a quick search on iTunes and found the Fat-Burning Man, a podcast hosted by Abel James. ¬†Don’t let the title throw you, this podcast is so much more than just ways to burn fat.

Other podcasts I am following include: ReLaunch, The One You Feed, and Underground Wellness.

While I’m on this new journey to much better health, this blog may become more about journaling my progress and discoveries for a season. ¬†BUT the blog title still remains to be fitting. ¬†Because leading ourselves well is the most stable foundation to leading others well.

Why am I posting ¬†this? ¬†The more I can be authentic and public about it, the more I feel like others are watching. ¬†There’s a level of accountability in it.

For me….my desire is to eventually lose 60 lbs. ¬†My new approach, however, is to set daily goals that are small enough to achieve. ¬†I’m not looking past the next 24 hours, other than to plan my meals. ¬†So each day I will strive to #WinToday! ¬†And starting off, a ‘Win’ at the end of the day means I’ve accomplished all 5 of these goals:

     РNothing after 7pm but water.
     РCut 90% of sugar and carbs out of my diet
     РAverage 30 Р60 push-ups each day
     РCut my meal portions in 1/2 (they were BIG)
     РDrink about 60 oz of water each day

When we’re not working on something we actually stop developing as individuals. ¬†We become stagnant. ¬†(btw, that’s not good)

What are you working on and what does your process (or plan) look like?