Pandemic Language, No More!

Today, I’m beginning a personal challenge. A challenge to focus my positive thoughts and hopefully reduce much of the negative thoughts. I believe you would agree with me that words are powerful. The words we speak, think, and read ultimately effect us and others.

Recently, I have noticed that I have been talking about COVID-19 pretty much every day. Understandably, this reality has taken ownership of our daily lives. BUT….I’ve also become very aware that I’m not talking nearly as much about the things in my life that mean the most to me. My relationship with Jesus, my family, hobbies, dreams, etc. With that, here is my personal challenge. Maybe you’d like to attempt it with me. The concept is simple, but pulling it off will be a daily struggle and will require a ton of intentionality. I will be making every effort to completely ELIMINATE these words from my vocabulary. I’m not going to post them, speak them, or read them in the news (Lord willing).




Social Distancing


I can hear the laughter already. Here’s where I’m coming from, though. The pandemic has become a daily reality for all of us. It’s everywhere. So, I don’t feel the need to continue talking about it as if it’s a new headline in the news or that it’s going to end anytime soon. I’m moving on in a positive direction today and into 2021. I’m not saying I’m going to act like COVID doesn’t exist, but I don’t need to continue feeding it verbally either. Friends, family, co-workers, feel free to hold me accountable. Better yet, JOIN ME!

The hashtag I’m using is #2020NoMoreChallenge

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2 thoughts on “Pandemic Language, No More!

  1. Good words, Brent! I find that the news does not help. I know some people say they need to watch to stay informed and connected to the larger community, but I find that this issue and espeically politics, will begin to soil my responses to just about anything because they are like avalanches that become escapable. The solution for me: stay away from the rhetoric, the information overload, and the constant chatter as much as I can. The self discipline of turnng off the TV, silencing the commercials (hoorah for mute buttons), and limiting reading time or unfollowing social media friends for a season keep me detached and allow for more concentrated time again on the things that matter. Thanks for sharing this! “Why so downcast, soul within me? Turn off the TV and silence the world’s voices! Then look to God! Consider His greatness and focus on His words. They are true and liberating; they convey hope and confidence and life. Put your hope in God!” …paraphrased of course. *<;O{)}

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