He Guides Us

It’s full of twists and turns
We have so much to learn

But He guides!

This life is fascinating
Never the same
Opportunities abounding
The journey, never mundane

Because He guides!

Choices we face daily
Doors open and close
Tomorrow appears hazy
Which way must we go

Rest assured, He guides!

He is all-knowing
He will show us the way
Wherever the wind is blowing
His presence will not stray

He knows what’s best
For you and for me
Sometimes there will be tests
Wisdom never comes free

He guides us!

He guides us through it all
When we thrive and when we fall

In the morning
Late at night
When it’s storming
And when it all feels right

In all the joy and all the pain
His guiding hands constantly remain

He guides us!

                                                                            – Brent Dumler


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