Word Became Flesh | Monday

So, as part of wrapping up my message this past Sunday I challenged our church (and myself) to journal something each day for one week.

Here’s the challenge:

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”  John 1:14

Journal/record at least one way you noticed Jesus (the Word) in a tangible (flesh) way each day.  In other words, how did Jesus show up and make a difference in your life?


Here’s what I noticed today.

On Sunday two of our kids were extremely sick.  After much prayer from so many people, they are both feeling tons better today.  Not only that, but no one else in the home has gotten sick today.

I give God all the glory for that!  He is SO GOOD.

Now it’s your turn.  Feel free to write in your Bible or in a journal this week.  But if you’re like me and love social media, make a thoughtful post each day.  Be sure to use the hashtag #WordBecameFlesh with your post.  This way we can easily follow where others are noticing God at work.

Join the conversation, leave a comment below. 


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