Team Appreciation is Important

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Recently, our church in Columbus, GA hosted yet another Summer VBS event.  My wife is the Children’s Pastor, and this year she surrounded herself with some of the strongest teams and leaders we’ve ever worked with.  Together, we have lead VBS-type events for about 20 years.   I can tell you that this one will stand out as one of the most memorable.

In the past, I’ve typically viewed VBS work to be physically exhausting.  This one, however, was emotionally traumatizing!  From the outside observer’s perspective, it clearly looked like a very well-organized, fun, and intentional outreach event (we were actually told this).  The dozen or so of us who were key leaders and organizers, however, were confused when we heard this.  You see, to us things were barely holding together.

Let me explain.

There was one little boy, among a few others, who was a handful regarding behavior.  Discipline issues became a nightly norm.  But we quickly realized that this boy’s childhood experiences thus far have been very difficult. And when I say ‘difficult’ I mean that he’s been through more than any human being should ever endure….whether they are 7 years old or 70.

– Praying with leaders who are overwhelmed.

– Talking with parents on the phone during the day.

– Looking at assistance options beyond VBS for families.

These are things that the key event coordinators may not have been able to give as much needed time to had there not been these amazing volunteers and teams.  They were reliable, excited, and dedicated.

So….let me say, “THANK YOU!” 

Thank  you to all who helped in ANY WAY to make this year’s VBS a true outreach.

If you lead a team, built relationships with kids, crunched numbers, decorated, taught the Bible, performed, prayed, cleaned up, donated supplies, etc……you made a difference in a kid’s life.

It was a privilege to work side-by-side with you all.  Your hearts for kids/families and for Kingdom work is evident.



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