Stay true to your call

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“You are a king then?”  Pilate asked.

“You say that I’m a king,”  Jesus replied.  “I was born for this, and I have come into the world for this: to testify to the truth.  Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.”   – John 18:37

Even on the verge of Jesus’ death.

Even when it seemed like everyone was against Him.

In a moment when anyone else might have taken this interview  as a chance to escape death.

Even when those closest to him stopped walking with Him.

Even now (and I love how this reads in the HCSB version) Jesus replies with, “I was born for this!”  Then, He goes on to clarify what He was born for.

As ministers of the gospel, both vocational and volunteer, we should have this same attitude.

When things get rough in ministry, can you boldly proclaim “I was born for this” without hesitation?

Second, can you quickly rattle off your specific calling?  Do you know (remember) what God has called you to do for His kingdom?

May you have boldness and clarity of your calling in this season of your partnership with the Lord.

When was a time that you had to reafirm your calling, draw a line in the sand, and claim, “I was born for this?” 

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3 thoughts on “Stay true to your call

  1. Ummmm. Yesterday! And I thank God for people like you who will encourage and exhort! Thank you for speaking into my life and ministry, brother. You are a gift!

  2. I remember reading this the first time you posted it. How appropriate to be reading it again today when this has been a week of questions for me. Thanks, bro! I needed this. 🙂

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