Defensive Driving & Ministry

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After our family moved across the U.S. from WA to GA, one of the biggest differnces I noticed…..was the drivers!  Holy Cow…and I thought people in L.A. drove bad.  (no offense, CA) When we found out that our auto insurance was going to more than double, they (the insurance) informed us that it was because of the high rate of accidents and speeding tickets in the area.

As a result, I have taken on the attitude of ultra-defensive driving.  Hey, it’s survival of the most alert where I live.  I am not lying.  There are certain intersections in town where I actually expect a car to come flying through a red light.  I expect it!

Have you experienced this approach…… serving in ministry?

Gunshy?  Fully expecting the next wave of church un-health to T-bone you without warning?

If you’ve been a leader in a church before you know what I’m talking about.  You finally start attending a new church and the first time someone asks you about getting involved….you pause!

Just like me at those intersections.  Expecting the worst.  Anticipating getting hurt….AGAIN!

Can I encourage you today?  I’ve been there.  I’ve taken two huge pauses in ministry work, essentially leaving my calling both times.  I’ve learned one key lesson from those pauses.  I was only hurting myself.  When you’re called to the ministry, I believe it’s a life-long calling.  It’s something that lives deep down inside of us.  Therefore, we won’t be able to find real fulfillment doing anything else.

So, what does moving on look like?  Simple.  Get back in the driver’s seat and hit the road.  But here’s the key.  Problems in the intersecion are still going to occur.  What we must do is watch our approach and how we drive through it.

Navigation is everything.

How have you navigated through the intersections of ministry?  Leave me a voice message.


2 thoughts on “Defensive Driving & Ministry

  1. Oh man, you’re right about this. Ministry does have it’s dangers and we have to be aware that there may be collisions that will hurt.

    One way to help navigate the dangers of ministry is to put together a solid team that will have your back while you have theirs. It creates a hedge around you and you’re able to do what needs to be done without as much worry.

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