3 steps to remaining focused in 2013

One source I came across reported these statistics related to keeping New Year’s resolutions.

75% of us last beyond the first week…..ouch!

64% beyond 1 month.

46% last past 6 months!

photo from: 123rf.com
photo from: 123rf.com

This is a continuation from a recent post.  So you say you are going to make great changes in the coming year?  That’s great…I celebrate that with you.  I’m in the same boat.  Now, we all know that starting is half the battle, right?  What I’ve been wrestling with over the past few days is the fear of losing my drive, my inspiration, my focus.  Just look at those numbers above again.

Here’s my plan in 3 steps:

1.  PRAY:  My One Word for the year is STRIVE.  That said, I am going to wake up each day and pray, “Lord, what would you have me STRIVE in today?  Give me the energy and positive attitude to become TODAY the leader you intend me to be.”

2.  PARTNER:  This is the clincher.  Ask a close friend, spouse, or mentor to hold you accountable.  Additionally, it really helps if this person clearly exhibits their own ability to lead themselves well.  Now, this takes a lot of humility and authenticity.  And if we want it to work, we absolutely must be honest with them!

3.  EVALUATE:  Get your Google Calendar, iCal, or old school spiral planner and schedule dates throughout the year to seriously sit down and check on how you’re doing.  Recognize and celebrate the areas you’ve grown in, and re-engage those things you have gotten distracted from.

You can do this!

Just accept the fact that you will sometimes fail.  That’s ok.  If we didn’t ever fail we wouldn’t have any need for Jesus!

Isaiah 40:29 tells us that, “He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.”

So, give your weakness and struggles as a leader, husband, and father to God…and He will fill in the void the way only He can!




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