The First Step ‘IS’ the First Step

continuous-improvementIs there an area of your life that needs improvement? Every person who has an ounce of humility and a somewhat clear view of where they are at in life will answer “Yes” to that question.
For the longest time I have hated Nike’s mantra to “Just Do It!” How egotistical. They don’t even know me. I’m big and clumsy, so exercise isn’t easy for me. I’m challenged with moderate dyslexia, so I pretty much despise reading. I enjoy pastries, bread, cheese, and fast-food way too much, so maintaining a constant healthy eating habit has always been a challenge. I did not grow up in a Christian home so leading myself closer to God has been one depressing failed attempt after another. These are my realities. They are, however, also my excuses. I’ve recently come to understand that our excuses usually do have much validity to them, but validity doesn’t lead us to health and improvement in these instances.
While reading (yes, I’m reading) in one of Maxwell’s books I wrote down a quote he mentions in the first chapter.
“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” – Jim Rohn
I had to read this five or six times to really let it resonate. If you’re like me, we are usually willing to make that initial step to change our direction, but the problem is this. We expect the new (better) destination to arrive quickly. That simply doesn’t happen! So, how do we get there?
Whatever it is you need to start doing…..Just Do It! (Can’t believe I just said that)
It’s true, though. To change our direction requires a step. To continue in that direction takes another and another step.
I have recently been so encouraged. Sure, there have been positive voices around me…but my real encouragement has been tied securely to the tangible steps I’ve been making all on my own. And as I’ve take steps, God has been faithful to bless those. I can also feel Him cheering me on…wanting me to succeed.
I will pose the question again. Is there an area of your life that needs improvement? You might identify 4 or 5, but do what I did. Take on one at a time. Then, simply take small action steps that are nearly impossible to fail at. Just do it! I am…and you can too.

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