Ministry Leadership, part 1

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Here it is.  The #1 most important thing you can do to become a better leader in your Church.  And you might be surprised to know that it does not have anything directly to do with those you are leading.

R e a d y ?

Know God better!

Now, before you respond with, “How cliche”…hear me out.  I’m beginning a mentoring experience with Jim Wideman in September that will go about 6 months.  My group is already reading one of his many good books, Children’s Ministry Leadership.  Listen, even if you’re not in Children’s Ministry this book applies to all areas of ministry.  I highly recommend you read it….and give it to someone just beginning in ministry as a gift.  They WILL thank you!

On to ‘knowing God better.’  Jim lays a perfect foundation for this book in the first chapter.  Basically he says if you’re not regularly growing in your own walk with Jesus, getting other believers to follow your leadership will be nearly impossible.  “being a successful leader in ministry is…measured by weather you’re pleasing God and doing what God wants you to do.”  – Jim Wideman

Pleasing God & doing what He wants us to do CANNOT BE DONE on our own without spending ample time in the Word!  Only by knowing the Bible can we know our Heavenly Father…..and only then can we know what pleases Him and what His will is for us.

As I progress through this book, I plan to blog on the major points I find.  Blogging through a book helps me process what I’m reading.  It just might also spread some leadership know-how out there in Twitter-land for others to benefit from.

Questions:   1.  Do you have a spiritual mentor in your life?   2.  What great books on leadership have you read?   3.  Have you ever known someone to leave doing ministry work because of ‘poor’ leadership?


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