Your Worship Style Isn’t Working!

If believers aren’t connecting in your worship service, it could be any number of reasons.  I can tell you this, though.  I’m 90% positive your worship style is NOT the culprit.

The ‘Worship Wars’ have been going on for decades.  Hymns vs. praise choruses vs. contemporary.  There really isn’t a special method or style for leading people into a moving worship experience.  Plain and simple……worship involves the Holy Spirit.  Without that spiritual connection, your praise service is nothing more than a musical performance!  And in some churches it would be  stretch to even call it that.

So…what makes a legit worship service?

The hearts of those leading & the hearts of those participating in the congregation.  Worship is more than a warm, fuzzy meditative moment.  Its a connection with God’s Spirit within each of us.  When the human heart is primed and anticipatory…God becomes tangible!

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.  John 4:24 (NLT)

You might be asking, “So what do I do if my worship leader is not truly engaging in worship themselves?”  If they appear to be only interested in the style or other musical dynamics you really only have two options.

1.  Have a genuine discussion with them.  Openly tell them exactly what you need to change.  Then, come along side them and coach them toward that point.

2.  If they don’t receive this talk well, are not teachable, or cannot make this shift…….you need to remove them!  Find someone who already does ‘worship in spirit and in truth’ (preferably someone who’s already in your congregation) and ask them to serve in this role.

Now its time to ask yourself the big question.  What do you need to do for your worship service to grow deeper and closer to the living God?  Join the discussion below and post a comment.


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