Assimilating new staff members

Recently, I had the privilege of hiring a Student Ministries Pastor at our church.  This was a first for me, but I quickly realized something.  It was also a very positive experience because I had wonderful support.  My Lead Pastor and Administrative Pastor both took time to walk me through the entire process, and more important….allowed me to handle most of it on my own.  They made me feel supported, but not micro-managed….AWESOME!

Next, I began looking at how to assimilate a new-hire.  Below are four key must-dos that I discovered while browsing this topic on generic corporate America sites…applying them to the Church.  I thought I’d share them with you.

Equip – There isn’t much worse than showing up the first day on the job and having to ask for the things you need in order to do your job.  Ensure this person has the bare basics; phone, computer, keys, workspace, passwords, etc.  Other  important information and materials like employee phone/email directory, expected office hours, dress code, and how to handle days off and vacation.  Knowledge brings confidence!

Announce – No matter what the position…everyone wants to be noticed!  Communicate this person and their positive attributes to current staff, making their role and responsibilities clear to all.

Lead – Spend time getting them acclimated for the first week.  Greet them when they first arrive each day.  Ask them if they need anything or have any new questions.  Physically walk them around the work environment so they know where everything is.  This is also a great way to introduce them to individual employees on a more personal basis.

Recognize – Make a warm and positive welcome.  This is different from the ‘announce.’  Take them to lunch or coffee. Give them an office-warming gift; some kind of wall art, a desk accessory, name plate, etc.  Appreciating them before they’ve proven they deserve it is a great moral boost for a new hire!  It should encourage them to start off with a strong work ethic.

Whether you are adding a team member to a small, country church or a mega-church….these actions hold equal significance.  Simply expecting them to handle the these things on their own is neglect.

What have your experiences been…either as the new employee or hiring them?


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