3 Necessities to Church Leadership

There are TONS of great books on leadership out there, and there are definitely more than just three keys.  These, however, are issues I’ve had personal experience with.  Let’s dive right in!

Church leaders must be…


Especially in church leadership, this characteristic is so important.  You cannot be in key leadership and agonize over what people think about you.  People-pleasing is NOT God-pleasing!  Let me say it a different way.  If you are more afraid of offending individuals in your church (or on your team) than you are of offending Jesus, you don’t respect the one who called you to ministry in the first place.  It’s impossible to please everyone AND God…..even half the time.  And 100 years from now, which audience is it going to matter the most?  Just a thought!!!

Moving on.


Good leaders are truly humble.  They are constantly reminding themselves who the most important person in their ministry is.  Its Jesus…..NOT them!  Jesus is the only one who is all-knowing.  We are not.  Therefore, we must ALWAYS maintain a teachable attitude.  And oddly enough, humility communicates that we are approachable…leading to deeper relationships.


This is another character issue that, unfortunately, many church leaders wrestle with.  If we can’t be REAL with people, and especially our ministry teams….how can we honestly expect them to trust anything that we say?  In addition to being open about our vision, hopes, and successes….our struggles, fears, and challenges really do need to be verbally communicated.  Not everything to everyone, but definitely to those in closest proximity to  us.

Now it’s your turn!  What do you think?  What have been your experiences with these issues…positive or negative?   May you lead today with boldness, humility, and authenticity.  And may Jesus’ smile alone be enough affirmation of your obedience.

Matthew 23:8-12 NLT

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